My challenge

So welcome to my favorite month of the year. Everything always goes down during this big month.

4th of July was fun this year and I brought this years holiday with a new twist. Lots of eating, drinking, and gaming. All of which I love to do, but there is potential for new roads to travel down.

There's this challenge I currently doing. I have about 4 weeks to go. Not sure if I'll make the deadline without crazyness.

Wish I could actually post photos from the iPhone app. There's a few I'd like to share with everyone :)

I guess I'll have to add them manually later.

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Still alive

So it's about to hit that one year point since I've graduated from college and guess who is still unemployed. :(

Its weird cause a lot of my friends whom I see on the regular still haven't found full time jobs which I think effects my thought process of getting a real big boy job.

Today though, I think something hit me. There's someone whom I see on a regular at my internship which I shall not name who recently found themselves a job. A few know who this person is and how I feel about their general being --- with that said I want to tear walls down and burn some buildings. Preferably her apartment.

I had a few minutes of free time to do as I please, as the girl whom I help is in a meeting and I have completed all my work, and decided to go crazy and apply to each and everything possible on the job board which I follow. All I'm asking for in a damn interview to go on, because I feel like it has been forever since my last one.

On a brighter note:

I'm currently in love with pastels and need a few things in my life right now.


Happy 4th~

Few days since 4th of July and I have to say it was probably one of the fattest ones I've had thus far.

I think I ate a good 5-10 pounds of meat that day --- but omg was is so delicioussss~ ;o;

Joyce's macaroni salad made me quite content~

Pedro made a little meat fort out of all his bones. Check out the little flag too!

Been tanning a lot this week as it's been pretty nice weather out.


Spam picssss!


bathing suitt :D

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So I laid low this week as well, trying to save money!

Only two highlights for me. I had a nice 3 hour long dinner with Cait in which this photo came to be as I was bored in traffic driving, haha.

The other was I got to see Morgan this week since she was visiting from Seattle. I wish I took a picture with her so I could post in here. I'm such a dumb ass and forgot to do so. =[

Today I was exceptionally bored and decided to try and make thai ice tea since I've been watching so many tutorials on youtube on making drinks. I have to say it came out pretty well, and I'll be making this stuff all the time now!

I'm also glad I got my burden lifted off of my shoulders today. -___-'|l
Very relieved.

So whats next?

After finishing school I haven't found much motivation in finding a job. With all this beautiful weather around I just can't help but lounge around and play games all day~!

I love that I get to have a lot more time for my friends, as during the past semester I was juggling everything all the time.

This is currently my prized possession which my mom got me for my birthday. :3

Rose Gold Micheal Kors watch~

This summer feels so different from the rest, due to the future and people.
I don't know how to progress right now -- I keep thinking of different ways to continue but I feel like my paths aren't clear.

In the meantime; I'll just chill by the pool and enjoy the calm while it lasts.


Hey, its March! :o

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted in here. It’s just that there’s been a lot going on in my life as far as love, school, and working. I’ve been pretty bad with posting, but currently I’m taking a class which I dick around in, and maybe this will be my day to keep things updated.

Winter break just came and went this year, and it’ll probably be my last one. I can’t say that I did anything amazing, but there were a lot of big happenings going on for me during this month. To start, there’s the major drama on the year end. For all of my fellow LJ readers who’re pretty good friends in me IRL may have noticed that I changed my relationship status.

Now this wasn’t about something stupid and miniscule, it’s the fact that shit wasn’t as it should be. I want it to be clear that everyone knows the truth. Ruben is a great guy sure, and he’s funny and pretty friendly. Underneath all that is someone pretty selfish who is only repeating his mistakes in life. I won’t go into detail about everything but he was just being shading with other guys behind my back. It’s enough that he cheated on me during out first year and lied about a lot of things during the duration of our relationship – this was just too much to deal with and there’s no way for me to put it behind me and move on.

I’m doing great now actually. There’s nothing in the back of my head that makes me think about going back with him or even considering his being or whatever. There is one thing however that’s killing me; he just seems to be posting all over everyone’s page to be super friendly with them and messaging my friends as well. This was never the case before, why are you doing this now? I guess it’s rather selfish of me to think that my friends should look/think of him in disgust as he was such a deceiving person.

Anyway, I want to close this entry with something positive.

He motivates me to work hard and exercise. I also feel like he’s such a positive influence on me, which is something I haven’t gotten from anyone – no one comes to mind.

I’m taking it slow – learning and growing with each other. Ruben likes to think he is a rebound/joke.
The jokes on him I guess haha.



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