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30 July 1989

Well I think it's about time I change my biography. o.o;; I'm your typical loser that you could find walking around the street or locked in his room on the computer. I love techno, Japanese Pop/Rock, rock, and anything that has a nice beat to it. I'm in love with Japan and I have an identity crisis (I think I'm asian XD). I'm a big anime fan and I also love Japanese Street Fashion. I still don't know what I want to do with my life later on. I'm thinking photography or fashion merchandising.

I'm usually very quiet when I meet someone new, but once I get to know them I open up. I LOVE pastries & sweet things. Oh! If your going to add me it would be nice if you sent me a message first and strike up a conversation. Even if its the most random message, it'd be nice. =D


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